EE is the first UK carrier to offer Britney Spears-endorsed 6-month Apple Music freebie

Verizon may want to take a page from EE’s playbook, as its UK-leading wireless service provider counterpart doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the expression “resting on one’s laurels.”

In addition to not ruining the out-the-box Galaxy Note 7 user experience, EE today inaugurates a unique Apple Music offer to keep rivals O2, Vodafone, and 3 at bay. Both new and upgrading pay monthly iOS and Android customers are treated to six free months of Cupertino’s immensely popular audio streaming app, double the standard complimentary trial around the world.

Only Australia’s Telstra has in the past cut its subscribers a similar deal, while stateside, no matter what operator you’re on, you’ll be asked to cough up $10 on a single license ($5 for students), or $15 when activating a family plan after just a three-month initial no-pay period.

On British shores, of course, Apple Music will run you £10 ($13) a month, which EE hopes you’ll be convinced to regularly plunk down once its new promotional window closes. Long-time carrier “ambassador” Kevin Bacon joins forces with pop icon Britney Spears for a change in a “multi-million pound advertising campaign” that sees the two trade places for a few seconds. Now that’s how you retain your market leadership!

Source: EE
Via: Daily Mail

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