HTC is rolling out an update to the Edge Sense app on the Play Store that will allow U11 users to target certain buttons within apps to be triggered with a squeeze of the device’s pressure-sensitive frame.

The Verge tested a beta version of this update and found that the new feature worked for the most part: going into the Edge Sense app, you can add an app to a list for special squeeze actions and set a “tap” or “double tap” area for the screen. For example, in a media player, you can set it up so that Edge Sense activates on top of a ‘pause/play’ or ‘skip’ or ‘rewind’ button. Presets make zooming in and out of Google Maps and Photos possible.

One of the exceptions to the rule is when you’re dealing with a situation where the keyboard of your choice pops up in the app. You can’t set Edge Sense to tap something on the keyboard — perhaps it’d be a good idea for HTC to program a preset for ‘return’ or ‘enter.’

The other exception goes to each individual app’s graphic user interface. Buttons scale when pressed. They move around when a different function is prioritized. This will be another pinprick to engineer around.

As always, software is a work in progress. Hopefully, HTC has its wits about it to successfully publish further updates to Edge Sense.

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