One of the main selling points for the Apple Watch Series 4 is its ECG function that allows it to monitor your heart to find any possible problems. Many people in the UK are waiting for this function to be enabled, but things don’t look so promising.

Not so long ago, some people were doubting the reliability of the ECG function in the new Apple Watch Series 4. This is because it received its FDA approval just the day before of its launch. Besides that, we also know that it has an accuracy rate of 98%. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency still has to examine the documentation that Apple supplies until it’s satisfied with the quality, effectiveness, and reliability of this feature.

Apple could also need to carry out a clinical investigation to obtain the approval of their ECG monitor. This clinical study has to be later approved by the MHRA in the following 60 days. If something is out of order, the clock resets, and new studies have to be performed. This last step is the one that usually takes the longest, and it could make the wait turn into years. In other words, no ECG feature for the UK, or at least in the following months, maybe years, maybe with the next Apple Watch Series 6 or 7.

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