ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 is being questioned

One of the most important and appealing features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the ECG that’s integrated into it. This new function is FDA approved, but apparently, this approval was awarded just the day before the device was presented to the world.

The fact that the FDA clearance of the ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 was handed out on September 11th and that the launch of this device was the next day, makes people believe that Apple “barely pulled it off.” This information was pointed out by Fast Company in a report. This makes some people wonder about the real capabilities of this new ECG monitor in the Apple Watch. Some have even questioned the approval at all, like Venkatesh Murphy, a cardiologist at the University of Michigan.

The cardiologist told Health News Review that this new feature had an accuracy rate of 98%, which means that it was potentially unreliable. Murphy was also surprised to see the president of the American Heart Association in the presentation of the new Watch. Now, we only have to wait and see if this scales up and if the device is checked to find any bugs, even though it’s not likely to happen.

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