If you think you’ve got the iPhone 7’s in-line audio situation figured out, just wait a minute. Really. It’s how fast the rumor flows can change at times.

If you’ve scrolled down a bit from our main page today, you would’ve seen this article talking about a dual-SIM iPhone 7 with a proper 3.5mm headphone port. Regardless of what you think of the former bit, that latter feature has been something that was counted as highly unlikely this year. But rumors be funny things.

This little number from Macotakara out of Japan actually came from the leftover chatter out of Computex in Taiwan, where many audio equipment makers showcased their headphones with Lightning adapters. The talk is that Apple may ship a pair of regular EarPods with the 3.5mm jack with the iPhone 7 units and also include a Lightning adapter for it. In addition, there’s renewed expectations for each extreme of the bottom side of the device to sport a speaker, though they may both produce monaural sound.

This discussion doesn’t center around any computer renders or blueprints of any iPhone 7 variant that may or may not include the headphone port, so take the proverbial salt with our thoughts, but we imagine that this move protects Apple’s own audio equipment vertical in its Beats brand.

It’s especially of late that Beats has become a fiercely independent unit from Apple’s bottom-to-top bureaucracy culture. Hell, the need for a redesign of the Apple Music app might have been a byproduct of that culture. Infinite Loop may be giving leeway to its acquisition rather than forcing a sudden, undesirable jack change down Engineering’s throat. Check out our further reading for more details on this take.

Bonus rumors have been tossed around about the fabled 256GB model, but it’s been mostly negative on that front. We can’t be sure what this means about an increase in storage options across the board.

Talk is cheap. Like junk food. But man, when we’re yapping Apple, doesn’t it just taste so fine?

Source: Macotakara
Via: 9to5Mac
Further reading: Bloomberg

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