Here we go again: Samsung tipped to be considering early Galaxy Note 9 release

It’s never too early to make predictions about the early possible release of a next-gen Samsung flagship phone. These types of predictions almost never come true, yet here we are, reporting on a new rumor claiming the Galaxy Note 9 could see daylight by the end of summer rather than the usual beginning of fall timeline of the company’s Note-series devices.

Pretty much as always, the speculated reasons behind the shift in scheduling are heated iPhone competition and the apparent underwhelming response to the latest high-end Galaxy launch.

That… actually makes quite a bit of sense this time around, seeing as how Apple purportedly plans to roll out three new “all-screen” iPhones with Face ID technology sometime in September after needing to postpone last fall’s X debut.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ haven’t exactly set the Korean market on fire during their pre-order period, facing even stronger competition in the groundbreaking triple camera Huawei P20 Pro.

Besides, that early Geekbench result we told you about earlier today seems to suggest Galaxy Note 9 prototypes are already running polished, modern software, which means they could be ready to hit stores in a matter of weeks.

That will obviously not happen, but if Samsung delays in-screen fingerprint recognition tech adoption, there’s nothing holding the chaebol back from releasing the Note 9 “as early as July or August.”

By the way, this particular prediction is not entirely conjectural, as Note 9 OLED panel production is reportedly starting in April. Typically, that would only happen in June. Intriguing!

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