Apple’s been pretty darn consistent with its iPhone launches in recent years, and while the devices we see may differ each time around, the pace of Apple’s launch events have followed the same roughly twelve-month cycle. Rumors sure seem to think that Apple could mix things up in 2016, and overnight we shared with you one theory claiming that a new four-inch iPhone could arrive in the first half of the year. While that report suggested a smaller iPhone might make an early-year debut, it stuck with the idea of a typical Q3 launch for the iPhone 7. Not everyone’s on quite the same page, though, and a source cited as providing reliable Apple intel in the past says that an accelerated development cycle may bring us the iPhone 7 ahead of schedule.

How early could it launch? Well, that’s a bit harder to pin down, and all this source seems willing to commit to is that the iPhone 7 may land sometime before September – but if that means August or if that means April, we’re still very much in the dark.

That means that this report could technically line up with that earlier talk of another Q3 release, or it could put Apple’s next iPhone in much more direct competition with the early-year Android flagships from the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG – to say nothing of what Microsoft may have cooking up on the Windows 10 Mobile front.

There does seem to be a general trend within the industry of a push towards shorter development cycles, and annual launch events creeping up earlier and earlier on the calendar. Whether that necessarily means that Apple will follow along, we’re still far from convinced, but it might not be so crazy for the company to be thinking about getting a head start on the iPhone 7.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: BGR

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