Early BlackBerry 9780 Photo Leaks Out

It looks like the original BlackBerry Bold 9700 may soon get a model upgrade to be called the BlackBerry Bold 9780 in the future if rumors hold true. The new model brings with it some minor upgrades along with an OS upgrade to BlackBerry 6 with a more modern Webkit-based browser from Research in Motion.

In addition to the big OS jump, the Bold 9780 retains the look and form factor of its predecessor, the Bold 9700, currently available on both AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The 3G-enabled smartphone will get a darker trim on its chrome bezel, giving it a more titanium finish, along with more RAM–up to 512 MB now like on the BlackBerry Bold 9650, the Bold 9700’s CDMA cousin.

While the changes are more subtle, we’re wondering if many Bold 9700 users will be upgrading from their devices–both will have the same form factor with the same optical trackpad it seems, and the 9700 could possibly be upgraded to BlackBerry 6 if early speculations hold true.

Speaking of the Bold 9650 on CDMA, if you’re waiting for the CDMA cousin of the 9780 to head to Verizon Wireless and Sprint, that may take some time. According to earlier rumors, BlackBerry 6 devices for CDMA may not appear until 2011 as RIM may be focusing its efforts on GSM development, which is a smart move considering its global compatibility.

(via: CrackBerry)

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