Early Apple Watch Series 3 LTE glitch is under investigation, likely getting a software fix soon

Those who were patient and eager enough to check out Apple’s new iGear for the first time at a Steve Jobs theater event live-streamed last Tuesday probably remember one of the highlights being a very splashy demo starring the company’s latest iPhone-compatible smartwatch.

The top selling point of the Apple Watch Series 3 is built-in LTE connectivity for independent voice calls, a feature boastfully showcased by COO Jeff Williams with a pretty impressive conversation at quite a distance.

But the road from smooth one-time functionality to fine real-life reliability is often a long and bumpy one, and while there’s no reason to doubt the quality of the third-gen wearable’s microphone in tricky outdoor conditions, the actual cellular support may fall short of the perfection always expected from pricey Apple hardware.

On the bright side, Cupertino’s engineers are well aware of a problem noticed by several reviewers, most notably The Verge’s Lauren Goode. This will be fixed with a “future software release”, though it doesn’t sound like there’s enough time left to iron out the LTE kinks before the official launch date on Friday.

Basically, as things stand, early Apple Watch Series 3 adopters shouldn’t be shocked if their sizzling hot device tries stubbornly to join “unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity” in solid cellular range.

That can be a major inconvenience if you know there’s no trusted Wi-Fi connection nearby and want to use the Apple Watch Series 3 at full power with no opposition or interruption. But hey, at least the company has acknowledged the issue and tackled it head-on in a press statement, which doesn’t happen very often. Not so quickly, anyway.

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