Dynamic Noise Suppression is Increasingly Used by OEMs

There’s a company called Audience that makes a voice processor to suppress noise that is being used in at least two Windows Phone 7 handsets, the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus. Noise cancellation isn’t new to the smartphone world. By our count, the iPhone 4 (demo), Nexus One, Droid X (demo), and Samsung Captive all utilize dual microphones (with Audience’s chip) to provide noise suppression. Even HTC’s Touch Pro2 had the chip for use in “conference room” mode. In our tests, the Audience chip does a pretty fantastic job at cutting down on ambient noise, such as wind and loud people.

Does your phone have dynamic noise suppression? If so, does it work well?

(via: AT&T PDF Materials for Focus and Surround, thanks Morgan)

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