DxOMark have published their conclusions on the camera performance of the Galaxy S10 5G, and, apparently, it’s a tie between Samsung’s flagship and the Huawei P30 Pro. 112 points go for both devices, but, what’s interesting, is that the Galaxy S10 5G slightly outperforms its Galaxy S10+ sibling. Interestingly, aside from the overall score, the Galaxy S10 5G is “the first smartphone to score 100 points for video”.

Overall, the Galaxy S10 5G performs slightly better than, the excellent S10+ in our tests — DxOMark

When it comes to the performance of the selfie camera, the Galaxy S10 5G is the new king of selfie shooters according to DxOMark findings. It scored 97, and, apparently, while performing very close to the Galaxy S10+, there are some improvements which make it number one.

While we don’t necessarily deny or question DxOMark’s findings, we will take a closer look at the camera performance on both phones, with the occasion of our full review. We will also have a dedicated Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs Huawei P30 Pro video and see which quad-camera phone is better.

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