OnePlus consults DxO for OnePlus 5 camera, it scores an 87

While reception of the OnePlus 5’s camera capabilities have generally been positive, there’s been a mixed bag of issues that have left bad tastes for some. We found that 4K video stabilization isn’t the best (said to be improved soon) and low-light capture in our Real Camera Review.

It’s always the nitpicks that seem to cause the most pain, right?

Well, OnePlus revealed that it had consulted with DxO on how to tune the three cameras on the OnePlus 5. And now comes the mobile DxOMark score: it’s an 87.

The photo sub-score was also marked at an 87 as the firm’s reviewer praised accurate metering and snappy autofocus abilities, but dinged the phone on color and noise production in even standard indoor scenarios, much less nighttime shots. Video got an 86. The phone is an all-around performer in its standard full HD setting with the big losses in texture and autofocus. The full verdict from DxOMark is below this story.

At its costliest, the $539 phone compares right up against the Huawei P10 on the mobile DxO scale, is a point behind the Galaxy S8 and 3 points behind the current all-time leader, the HTC U11.

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