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New video shows just how durable is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

By Samuel Martinez March 27, 2019, 3:00 pm

Foldable smartphones are just about to enter the market. Some of us are still wondering if these devices are really a good investment or just a fad. Yes, their prices might seem a bit excessive right now, but we already know the reason behind that. We saw a video of the Samsung Galaxy Fold that started to show the effects of folding and unfolding the device and it was a bit concerning. However, this new video might help dissipate some doubts.

Samsung has just presented a new video that shows us just how resistant their screens are. We had seen a crease as a result of the folding and unfolding in a Samsung Galaxy Fold, but maybe that was a prototype. Now Samsung says that these foldable panels can resist being folded and unfolded around 200,000 times without a problem. That is supposed to be around 5 years of use and abuse, but it also makes you think that these tests were performed in controlled conditions and environments. What will dust, keys and more stuff in your pocket do to this display?

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