Google officially introduces Duo group calling for up to eight people

As previously suggested by reports, Google has now officially introduced Duo group calling where up to eight people can have a video call at the same time.

Reports in April suggested that group video calling on Google Duo is rolling out to some regions, Indonesia being one of them. However, there was no word from Google on the topic, until now, when the Android-maker is officially introducing the feature.

Up to eight people will be able to have a video call using Google Duo simultaneously. The feature is available for both the Android and the iOS version of the app, and group calls placed with Google Duo are encrypted end-to-end.

In some regions, including Indonesia, India, and Brazil, Google is introducing a Data Saving mode in order to keep data consumption down on video calls placed with Duo on Android. The feature will roll out to other markets as well in the coming months.

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