Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 8 sold out at $900 on eBay, still sells at $1,100

eBay seller never-msrp had a lot of 135 dual-SIM Galaxy Note 8 units to sell. There’s cellular band support for every major US carrier and room to grow, too. And each phone was priced at $899.99. Obviously, when one can save anywhere from $40 to $80 on such a pricey phone, no matter how they pay for it, it’s a pretty enticing deal. It didn’t last long.

The more disconcerting thing is that the very same item is back on sale. Same eBay. Same seller. Same Note 8. Same dual-SIM. The cost? $1,099.99.

The most disconcerting detail? It’s selling out. 44 units of this batch have already been sold and only one color, Orchid Gray, is available as of this post. Perhaps customers are hawking for a price dip — the seller could be surfing prices up and down to test fans’ willingness and demand to get a Note 8.

The current listing is sourced in the link below.

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