Dual-Core Face Off: Optimus 2x vs. Galaxy S 2 (Video)

Here’s the comparison you’ve been waiting for, filmed by guest Editor Craig Gillispie: a comparison between the hottest dual-core phones on the market right now, the LG Optimus 2x and the Samsung Galaxy S 2. We run benchmarks, compare web browsing performance, determine which has more RAM upon bootup, and compare the time it takes each to launch certain applications.

As you can see from the below spec comparison, the Galaxy S 2 looks better on paper, with a faster-clocking CPU, a big battery, better 1080p video recording in terms of framerate, a higher resolution front-facing camera, plus it has more storage. What really matters is day-to-day speed and usability. In this video, you get to see which device comes out on top when compared on a wide variety of metrics.


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