There’s a big temptation in mobile tech for manufacturers to be among the first to identify the next hot technology and give it to their users before the competition’s got time to catch up. Recently we’ve seen features like fingerprint scanners placed front and center, a great example of tech that’s been around for a while, but has only recently matured to the point where it works as well as it needs to – and shoppers are asking for it. Phones that employ multiple camera sensors have similarly been around for a while, but often to little fanfare (who went shopping for the One M8 specifically because of the Duo Camera?) – at least so far. But now we’re looking at possible dual-camera setups on some upcoming high-profile handsets, phones like the LG G5; is it finally time for that tipping point when manufacturers make this a must-have feature? Could be, as rumors look to the idea of Apple building an iPhone with dual rear cameras.

Talk of Apple experimenting with dual-camera setups is nothing new, but are we ever going to see the feature emerge on a commercial device? At least one industry analyst thinks so, and points to the iPhone 7 Plus as the handset likely to introduce such a system.

Reportedly, Apple could give the iPhone 7 Plus multiple camera sensors in an effort to super-charge imaging performance with such tricks as a simulated optical zoom mode, using tech the manufacturer picked up when acquiring LinX Imaging.

But rather than the iPhone 7 Plus simply being the dual-camera iPhone, we hear that there could be multiple editions of the handset: one with this extra camera, and one with a single rear sensor. That could be a practical consideration of Apple’s, dealing with a scarcity of dual-camera modules. Does that spell even further fragmentation of Apple’s growing smartphone lineup – maybe even separate branding for the dual-camera edition? We don’t know yet, but we’ve still got months and months to track down those answers.

Source: MacRumors
Via: The Verge

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