For a day crammed between a holiday and a weekend, you could forgive today for being a bit of no-man’s-land when it comes to smartphone news, with nothing interesting happening besides word arriving of a few more Black Friday deals. In spite of that, we’re seeing some relatively interesting news come down the pipeline, including that of new editions of some popular Androids. We already looked at a couple additional color options for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, and now we turn our attention to the Motorola Droid Ultra family over on Verizon.

Remember earlier this week when we showed you that leaked render of a Droid Mini in white? As it turns out, we were only days away from seeing the handset go official, and Verizon’s now introduced it alongside a white version of the Droid Ultra, as well.

Despite those two new white editions, there’s no similar white option available for the Droid Maxx – at least not yet, though we haven’t exactly seen any evidence to suggest that such a handset might be forthcoming.

Pricing remains unchanged from the previously available color options: about $100 on-contract for the Droid Ultra, or $50 on-contract for the Droid Mini.

Source: Verizon 1,2
Via: Android Guys

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