1984. Just the mention of those four digits together brings to mind the advertising hall of fame that was the commercial for the Apple Macintosh. But you look back to when HTC had its marketing mojo and you’ll find that you have a place in its commercials.

Well, since we’re talking about a Verizon-exclusive phone made by Motorola, we aren’t necessarily expecting something spectacular here, but hey, the DROID Turbo 2 is definitely something worthy to advertise — particularly that one killer feature it has of a shatterproof screen. And so we have two 15-second spots that break eggs to make omelettes and bring it back to Motorola.

One takes the edge off of a Galaxy S7 edge to save an emoji soul:

While the other kills off an iPhone 6s with extreme prejudice and calls for an emoji ambulance:

No real call-outs, but no need to call them out. Simple enough to deliver the point, fun (well, kinda) enough to be poking some brain matter. Not bad, Motorola, you’re on a rola. Sorry.

Now get to work on your warranty service.

Via: PhoneArena

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