HTC Droid DNA vs Samsung Galaxy Note II

What do you get when you cross the biggest, baddest Samsung hardware with the latest and greatest HTC superphone, the one everyone insists on mislabeling a phablet? You get this Galaxy Note II-vs-Droid DNA video, of course, except with the names inverted. Because in this biz, the new-hotness gets first-word respect. Dig?

In the video below, we take the Note II and the DNA on a short spin around the block, comparing their benchmark scores, in-hand feel, app launch times, browser performance, and -of course- their massive displays. We don’t yet know the DNA well enough to put its other features to the test -wait for our full review on that magic- but if you’ve ever wondered what a 720p Super AMOLED looks like when stacked up against a 1080p SLCD3, or asked yourself whether polished hyperglaze or matte soft-touch feels better in a palm, this video will be right up your alley. Put your eyeballs on it, and then go enjoy your weekend. You’ve earned it.


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