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DrinkSmart BAC Calculator for Windows Phone 7

By Anton D. Nagy October 4, 2010, 4:38 am

While some countries allow you to drive while drinking a certain amount of alcohol, others have zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving but it always comes down to your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) number which differs from person to person depending on each of our bodies.

DrinkSmart is a Windows Phone 7 application (for entertainment use only, as stated within the app) which will calculate your blood alcohol content based on several information collected by the program. First you need to set your units to imperial or metric and select your country from the list. Then configure your age, weight, size and gender after which you can select the drinks you had from a list, specifying the amount and time too. The application will then do its calculations and display a graphic of your blood alcohol level. It also features small games like reflex, math and shapes to test if you’re sober. Check out a video demonstration below and remember to not drink and drive even if your country allows you a beer or so.

(Via: @stevenMey)

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