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Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11 Animal vs Tineco Pure One S12

By Aryan Suren July 21, 2021, 1:00 pm

Cordless and robot vacuum cleaners are, well, handy! In the past, one may have viewed these as secondary cleaning tools, but with how powerful they have become, it wouldn’t be a shock if most households had just them for regular cleaning and whipped out a high power unit for less frequent deep cleaning sessions. Now, the rapid growth of this product category means that several brands are vying for the spot in your house. Thus, in this article, we will be comparing the Dreame T30 against Dyson V11 Animal and Tineco Pure One S12 to see why you should go with the T30.

Vacuum Design

Dreame T30 vs Dyson V11 vs Tineco Pure One S12

If you’re the type of consumer who prefers to have an air of elegance within their household, when comparing the Dreame T30, Tineco Pure One S12, and Dyson V11 Animal, the products from Dreame and Tineco are ones that will look better due to the neutral tones used in their construction. The T30 is available in an all-grey color scheme with a carbon fiber wand, while the S12 has a design that uses black and white parts. Both feature hints of red in their accessories. On the other hand, the Dyson uses a mix of grey with purple sections and bits of red, bound to stand out in your house. Hence, the grey of Dreame makes it the ideal pick since it can mix with appliances like refrigerators which are available in similar shades.


Focussing on the functional nature of these products, all of them weigh in a similar range, but the Dyson V11 Animal is the heaviest, with its main body being 4.40lbs (2.00kg). The Dreame T30 lies in the middle weighing in at 3.88lbs (1.76kg), while Tineco Pure One S12 is the lightest at 3.72lbs (1.69kg). The higher weight and larger volume of the Dyson bring the advantage of a total bin capacity of 760ml, but the other two can load up to 600ml, meaning they aren’t far behind. But the design choice at Dyson requiring you to disassemble the shaft and cleaner head to empty the bin makes it slightly more inconvenient when compared to the lower capacity of the other two options.

Also, while the Dreame’s standalone body weighs in the middle, the various attachments available affect the overall experience when vacuuming; this is where the reduced weight (total of 2.8kgs compared to Dyson’s 3kgs) but increased strength of the carbon fiber wand (included with the T30) makes a difference.


Each of these vacuums comes with a rechargeable battery (or batteries), and the display built into their bodies is vital for understanding how it is performing. On the Dreame T30 and Tineco Pure One S12, the screen helps with this by showing exactly how many minutes of usage you have before you need to plug back in for charging. It also plays the role of explaining how clean your surroundings are, what mode your device is functioning in, and whether there are any blockages affecting performance.

On the other hand, Dyson V11 Animal features a simple LED panel that only indicates the mode your vacuum is in and battery in the form of bars. Although, the more expensive Dyson V11 Torque Drive does have an LCD, which can display the remaining usage time in minutes and alerts when maintenance is required.

Dyson V11 Animal Display

Focussing on Tineco Pure One S12, this vacuum has a much larger display and showcases information similar to V11 Torque Drive, but the battery indication is in percentages. But you must note, it does go a step further with a ring around the display’s periphery that changes color based on the amount of dust sensed in its environment.

Tineco Pure One S12 vacuum display

Coming to the Dreame T30, this vacuum offers the perfect mix of features from its two competitors. When charging, it will show progress in terms of percentage, but when in use, this converts to duration(in minutes), allowing you to track how long you have before having to recharge, and an active graph shows the nature of your surroundings in terms of cleanliness.

Dreame T30 Vacuum display

Suction Force and Battery

Moving on to the most vital components of a cordless vacuum, the Dreame T30 offers a powerful motor that provides the highest suction power without severely affecting battery life when compared to the other two options. Its 550W motor can generate a suction pressure of 27kPa and suction power of 190AW. The device offers four modes that are Eco(17AW), Medium(40AW), Turbo(190AW), and Auto. The last option changes between the three suction forces based on the amount of dust detected. As for the battery, with a 2900mAh cell, Dreame has a claimed 90 minutes of run time when the device works in Eco-mode. The mid-setting reduces this to 38 minutes, and in Turbo mode, the total runtime reduces to seven and a half minutes.

cordless vacuum cleaners

With the Dyson V11 Animal, which produces 185AW of suction force, users can expect 60 minutes of runtime, as claimed by the company. This device also offers three suction modes, Eco, Auto, and Boost. Eco mode will allow you to use the vacuum for its rated runtime, but using Boost mode will reduce usability to just five minutes.

The Tineco Pure One S12 has a 500W motor that can produce 145W of suction force, powered by a 2500mAH cell. The battery allows for a runtime of 50 minutes, but it will vary with the device’s suction settings. It offers two modes, Manual and Auto. When in Manual, users can use a capacitive slider on the handle to decide the amount of force applied. But an advantage the Tineco holds is that it comes with two cells in the box, meaning users can effectively use it for 100 minutes, provided they are both charged.

In case of charging, the Dreame T30 and Dyson V11 Animal come with a charger that plugs straight into the device, but for the Tineco, users will have to install its wall mount.

In order to avoid any reduction in suction force and quality of cleaning, the vacuums also feature removable and washable filters. In the case of dustbins, the Tineco Pure One S12 features electrical components in its unit, so avoid cleaning that with water.

Why should you buy a Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum?

With this, we come to the question of why you should buy the Dreame T30 over other options available on the market. In our opinion, the first and foremost reason would be its design. The chosen color scheme, which allows it to mix with the furniture you already own, is an advantage that many don’t have, even the commonly popular Dyson.

And when it comes to performance, among the three options, the Dreame T30 has the most suction force and the longest-lasting battery, which we believe makes it the one to pick!

Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum

Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum is an option worth considering due to its elegant design, high suction power, and efficient battery being packaged together at a great price.


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