Drake returns Taylor Swift’s favor, clumsily working out to ‘Bad Blood’ in fresh Apple Music ad

Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Drake may just be the type of dude, or rather the only dude in the history of gymgoers, that can get pumped up from listening to Taylor Swift’s 2015 pop hit “Bad Blood.”

In fact, Drake is apparently the type of dude that likes to bench press to an entire curated playlist hilariously titled “Pop Workout.” After making sure his traditional rapper entourage is out of the picture, that is, but still.

“Tay Tay’s” mad workout tunes are the perfect pretext for the meme-meister to show off an evolution of those oft-mocked “Hotline Bling” dance moves, as well as some wicked lip sync skills bound to make even Jimmy Fallon a little jealous.

Much like Drake’s own “Jumpman” #GYMFLOW headliner a while back though, Swift’s infuriatingly catchy lyrics ultimately get the best of the self-disparaging rapper, who miscalculates his strength and fitness, writhing in pain as he drops a massive barbell unto himself.

The advertising message is as simple and effective as always, with Apple Music service deemed “distractingly good” by two of the world’s hottest recording artists. But is it also distractingly or, at least, sufficiently affordable now that Amazon challenges Cupertino and Spotify’s music streaming app domination?

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