Although it may feel a little premature to pass definitive verdicts, the newest Android iteration looks pretty sweet, at least in its stock form on Nexus devices. 6.0 Marshmallow helps make the N6P and 5X silky smooth, blazing fast and, above all, it allows them to save as much energy as possible during downtimes.

App Standby and especially Doze are the main “culprits”, with the latter feature deemed such a crucial part of the M user experience that third-party hardware manufacturers can’t modify or discard it. But ironically, you now can. Tweak it, that is, not get rid of it, which of course would be a huge mistake.

An XDA developer forum member devised a so-called Doze Settings Editor without Google’s blessing, and as long as you’re not afraid to root your Marshmallow-running gadget, you can choose exactly when the deep sleep mode will come in depending on a large number of variables.

In a nutshell, once you root (and ergo renounce official OTA updates for customization privileges), and install the APK available at the source link below, you can conserve even more power and prolong your device’s life between charges, or opt for extra low-priority notifications to be processed with Doze Mode on. As if anyone would ever want the latter.

Source: XDA Developers Forum
Via: Phandroid

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