Verizon has been concentrating its wireline operations. It’s about to sell its FiOS assets to Frontier in California, Florida and Texas and refocus on the Boston-to-Washington megalopolis. So, why not get more people onto FiOS by getting people to jump in or upgrade their Verizon Wireless plans?

The carrier has confirmed to trade publication FierceWireless that it has rolled out a rather quiet campaign in its northeast stores that will double the XL and XXL data buckets when bundled with FiOS service. That would take the XL plan to 24GB and the XXL one to 36GB.

The company has seen sagging growth on its FiOS Internet subscriptions with year-on-year additions down one-third last quarter. It may be leveraging its number one in mobile status to jack those numbers up like how AT&T is working its DirecTV acquisition.

So, if you’re willing to pay through the nose for speedy Internet on the go, you might be able to splurge a bit more and get some fiber optics into your house, too. Well, if your house is in the northeastern US, that is.

Source: FierceWireless
Via: BGR

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