Probably the most exciting foldable smartphone we’ve seen is one that is not yet official. It’s the (tentatively called) Xiaomi Mi Fold, a device that double-folds, as seen in this video teaser. Samsung already has its own Galaxy Fold, coming next month to those who can afford it, but apparently the company is working on another foldable smartphone, and it’s pretty similar to the Xiaomi Mi Fold.

A recently uncovered patent application reveals just that. The mockup above, courtesy of LetsGoDigital, tries to illustrate what Samsung described in its patent application. Namely, a smartphone (or a tablet) with a square form factor, no bezels at all, which double-folds on the left and right to extend the screen.

Also, the foldable parts seem to house all of the components, including the battery, and other internals, while the middle part is just a screen which is reinforced on the middle in order to stay fixed.

This, of course, is a 2017 patent that was published in 2018. Samsung probably either ditched the concept and went with the in-folding design of the Galaxy Fold, or is still working on the idea. That being said, let us know what you think. Samsung’s patented idea, or Xiaomi’s Mi Fold?

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