Don’t put the HomePod on wood — but if you do, here’s how to treat it

Reviews of Apple’s Siri-powered smart speaker, the HomePod, have generally been positive. It’s a competently-made product, after all. But there are the negatives to the HomePod acting as a piece of furniture.

One of the outlets that has been able to review a speaker, Wirecutter, writes that it had found that the HomePod left white rings when placed on top of a wood surface and then taken off. While reviewer Jon Chase said that the rings faded off over time, “we wouldn’t risk it on good furniture.”

Apple traces the issue in one of its support webpages down to the “vibration-damping silicone base” on the HomePod. It’s not a residue, just the separation of oils in the wood finish. So, if a wipe down doesn’t sort things out and you’re not willing to maintenance the oiling of the surface every so often, either get a coaster or move that HomePod or table elsewhere.

Or, you could get a Google Home Max or Amazon Echo.

Image: Jon Chase, Wirecutter

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