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New iPad Mini pro to miss out on these pro features

By Samuel Martinez July 23, 2021, 8:30 pm

The latest information about the upcoming iPad mini is somewhat disappointing. A report that surfaced yesterday suggested that the new iPad would have a mini-LED display. This came as a bomb, especially considering that Ming-Chi Kuo had already predicted that Apple was working to give us this tech in a 7.9-inch iPad mini refresh that was expected to launch in 2020 that never happened, and it seems that it won’t happen in 2021 either.

We get tons of great rumors and information from DigiTimes, but according to AppleTrack, their information isn’t as reliable as we’d like, as they carry a 63.5 percent accuracy rating. Still, it was nice to believe or think that the new iPad mini would feature a new mini-LED display. Unfortunately, the latest tweet has now discarded this information by Ross Young, who carries a 100 percent accuracy rating when talking about leaks and rumors.

Ross Young believes that we will still get a new iPad mini in 2021, but don’t expect this year’s model to feature mini-LED technology. He even clarified certain doubts, as he said that this information comes from Apple’s alleged mini-LED supplier. This means that Ross Young confirmed this information with Radiant Opto-Electronics, which could be the company in charge of supplying Apple with these displays.

Apple is expected to introduce this technology to more of its products as time evolves. For example, rumors suggest that the upcoming MacBook Pro models could come with mini-Led displays, as well as the MacBook Air refresh that could arrive in 2022. We have also received information claiming that the next 11-inch iPad Pro could also get a mini-LED display, but it seems that we will have to wait until Apple launches the new iPad mini to see whether or not we get this new feature.

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