Don’t buy a Loop VR headset for your OnePlus 3…

There’s a little nuance involved with this video review of the Loop VR headset. This unit was offered up by OnePlus as a promotion for the launch of the OnePlus 3, and the manufacturer created a savvy little VR tour of the phone for people to interact with. The headset we’re looking at, though using fairly high quality build materials, really wasn’t designed for much more than that initial product launch. Still, we’ve received numerous requests from people wondering if this would be a good compliment to their OnePlus 3 phones. If you had a Samsung, you’d want to use a Gear VR right? Well this is the branded OnePlus headset, so it must be the right solution for OnePlus owners right?

Not so fast there chief.

This headset is not currently for sale by OnePlus, but there is a market for it on eBay. The combination of few units available to purchase, and little discussion about the product, means we can expect inflated prices. The Loop VR is being sold for between $40 and $80 last we checked, and this pricing would absolutely be worth it for a high quality VR experience, but that’s not really what we get here. With so many nicer options for Google Cardboard available, and Daydream right around the corner, here’s why we think you should skip the Loop VR…

Don’t buy a Loop VR headset for your OnePlus 3…

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