Trump gives up everyday Android phone, but he may not be content with ‘play phone’ replacement

While soon-to-be-sworn-in President-elect Trump isn’t exactly known for his tech savviness, the man sure likes to tweet. With around 20.5 million followers (and growing), more than even the official @POTUS account, the Donald-in-chief sees no reason to tone down his controversial tweetstorms once he takes office later today, though one must wonder how “social business” will be conducted going forward.

Barack Obama humorously confessed a few months before the recent election that he was only allowed by the Secret Service to rock a mystery state-of-the-art “play phone” after finally dumping his famous ultra-secure BlackBerry, which made the looming transition to regular everyday normal guy just a little less daunting.

By the way, it turns out Obama switched to a heavily crippled iPhone with very limited email and web browsing capabilities. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has reportedly listened to security experts (for a change), already ditching his unnamed “ever-present Android smartphone”, but it remains unclear what kind of a replacement device he’ll get, and how many of his predecessor’s restrictions will stay in place.

Apparently, the new world’s most powerful man has no regular email habits, but in addition to his Twitter addiction, he also likes to answer his own phone, even when it’s an unknown number calling, as well as make calls himself “early in the morning and late at night, often seeking input from multiple sources when making a decision.”

That doesn’t sound very presidential, at least by traditional standards, though we’ll probably have to get used to unconventional means of public communication from the 45th US commander in chief.

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