Donald Trump drops Apple boycott, John Oliver perfectly summarizes encryption controversy

As a presidential candidate that prides himself on “telling it like it is”, as well as his ‘uge dingus, Donald Trump has sure been caught lying a lot lately. Trump University is under scrutiny, and so was the Republican front-runner’s knowledge of David Duke and the former KKK Grand Wizard’s anti-Semitic views in recent weeks.

On a much lighter note, Tim Cook should probably be relieved to hear the controversial but surging politician couldn’t stay away from his iPhone for more than a few weeks. Remember the Apple boycott he randomly pleaded for during a rally back in February “until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal.”?

Well, guess what, Trump didn’t only violate it “by mistake” hours after kicking it off, but again this past Friday too, as The Verge uncovered via Twitter metadata. The prospective future leader of the free world sent out numerous tweets using an iPhone, forgetting all about that backup Samsung device he was supposed to exclusively adopt through the completion of the FBI backdoor-building scandal.

Speaking of it, and trying to regain our sense of humor after many tense weeks of Apple – DOJ back and forth, we have the brilliant John Oliver breaking down the controversy for those of you who feel lost in either extreme privacy-protecting or terrorist-fighting rhetoric.

Coincidentally, Oliver tore Donald J. Drumpf a new one very recently, and now predictably defends Apple with solid arguments and hilarious jokes. Don’t have 18 minutes to “waste”? Then skip to the 15:40 mark of the below video to check out the most honest iPhone “commercial” ever:

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