Another day, another celebrity feud for businessman, media personality and shocking Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump. After Barack Obama, Rosie O’Donnell, Martha Stewart, Megyn Kelly and even Pope Francis himself, the ultimate winner of the South Carolina primary election predictably found fault with Tim Cook’s unyielding stance on mobile device encryption.

Apple’s CEO publicly stated only a few days ago his behemoth of a tech company will oppose the FBI’s requests of building a so-called backdoor into the iPhone of a San Bernardino shooter in order to harvest vital information connected to the widely publicized terrorist attack.

Cook argued such an unprecedented security-breaking move would make it unsettlingly easy for other people’s sensitive data to end up in the wrong or just unauthorized hands, an opinion the cantankerous GOP candidate obviously doesn’t agree with.

Trump believes Apple “ought to give that security number” to law enforcement like that, as the phone in question is “owned by the government” anyway, and the only way to “get to the bottom” of everyone directly and indirectly involved in the massacre is “use common sense.”

The orange-haired bully’s definition of common sense? A boycott of “all Apple products until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal.” The problem with that rhetoric? Hours after the initial call for an iBoycott, Trump himself continued to tweet via his personal iPhone.

Granted, once his eagle-eyed followers started to mock him, he semi-acknowledged the gaffe, underlining he uses both an iPhone and Samsung, and he’ll “only be using Samsung until Apple gives info to authorities on the terrorists.” Soo, does the boycott begin now or will other time-outs be called first?

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