Dolphin Browser Mini for Android Preview Available

What’s worse that having a bunch of web browser apps to choose between? Having three apps by the same company that share the same name. That’s just what Dolphin has done and, although somewhat confusing, the choices they offer are pretty remarkable.

Dolphin Browser

This is the original or “regular” release of the app. It is the earliest version developed by Dolphin, and is also built for Android 1.6.

Dolphin Browser HD

Of the three variations of their app, this is the most powerful among them. It’s only compatible with Android 2.0+ devices and can be customized with add-ons.

Dolphin Browser Mini

This is the newest variation from Dolphin. It attempts to provide a faster user experience than other browsers, and is built around Android 1.6.

Some new elements in the “Mini” browser include:

– a “New fresh UI” with a clean and simple user experience

– loads web pages much more quickly than other mobile phone browsers

– infinite tabs browsing

– new menu design (tool box) — not the final version, so don’t get too attached to it

If you’ve got a slower phone, or just want a faster web surfing experience, give Dolphin Browser Mini a try. It’s not yet available in the Market, so you’ll need to side load it using this link or via the QR Code below.

dolphin icon dolphin browser mini QRCode

Source: Dolphin Browser Blog

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