While photographic and 2D render leaks have already given us some perspective as to what the LG G7 will look like, it seems like there’s always more we can learn with more leaks.

Well, this brings us to Mr. Phone and Steve Hemmerstoffer’s @Onleaks crafting up some 3D renders of the device for the first time. These sorts of leaks have been based upon accurate dimensions in the past, but it’s really the features they show that other leaks can’t that prove somewhat interesting.

For one thing, the highly speculative and much-maligned “notch” isn’t clearly defined in the 33-second clip given here. But we do see a headphone jack, USB-C port and a mono speaker on the bottom edge with dual cameras (with a bump to bring device thickness to 8.5mm) and a fingerprint sensor on the back. Now, that leads us to the four side buttons that we’ve spotted — three are on the left side of the device and two of those are dedicated as the volume rocker. If one of the remaining buttons acts as a power button, which would be the first time an LG flagship had a power button that was not integrated into the fingerprint sensor, what does the other one do?

Well, LG has been pushing its ThinQ brand for AI-enriched products and could be prepared with a proprietary digital assistant by the time the G7 launches. It leads us to think that one purpose for that key could be to act much like Samsung’s Bixby Button on its phones, triggering the AI assistant to appear — another feature that people have come to despise. Either that or a muffin pops out of thin air every time you press it. In any case, more snapshots can be found at the source link below this story for your satisfactory inspection and always be skeptical of what you see.

We expect the G7 to be a mid-to-late spring release.

Jules Wang is News Editor for Pocketnow and one of the hosts of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast. He came onto the team in 2014 as an intern editing and producing videos and the podcast while he was studying journalism at Emerson College. He graduated the year after and entered into his current position at Pocketnow, full-time.

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