Do You Use a Hand-Free Interface?

A hands-free interface is very important for mobile devices if you happen to have a lifestyle that involves some multi-tasking that may require the use of your hands and eyes. I use voice control and text to speech while driving a car, or on the motorcycle, but it works great while walking, jogging, etc. as well.

A year ago we took a survey about whether or not you think a centralized voice enabling interface would be good on a mobile phone. The majority responded that yes of course this would be a killer feature.

We haven’t heard much about what Windows Phone 7 Series may include in terms of a hands-free user interface, but they do have some great technology available to them (even though the TellMe app sucks and other implementations are kind of a mess.)

I’ve always thought that the hands-free interface in Windows Mobile was a killer feature that everyone should use, but I thought we should take a survey to find out for sure.

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