Discord Watch Together feature

Discord is starting to test a YouTube integration in its chat service that lets users watch YouTube videos together and create playlists. It comes just weeks after Google forced two popular Discord music bots offline, which caused a lot of anger among a lot of Discord users.

Discord activity selection for Watch Together

The new feature is called ‘Watch Together’. It is currently only available on a very small number of servers, including on the Discord Games Lab, where the company is testing other features such as Poker Night and Chess in the Park.

Discord YouTube Watch Together integration

The new Discord Watch Together feature lets users add YouTube videos by link or type in the name of a creator or video to search YouTube for relevant videos. It integrates with the service, so the search results are the same as on YouTube itself. The first time you open up the so-called activity, you’ll be asked to agree to YouTube’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and it also notifies you that you may see YouTube advertisements while using the feature. 

Discord Youtube Privacy Policy agreement
Discord users must agree to Youtube’s Privacy and Terms of Service

As you would expect, this gives even more data to Google and YouTube since it collects IP addresses, search queries, and more, although it states that it won’t have access to any information that is relevant to your Discord account.

YouTube will likely earn a lot of revenue from Discord users thanks to this new feature. Users were forced to use third-party bots until now to listen to music in Voice channels. This, however, made Google very angry since these bots prevented the company from playing ads, which is why it sent a legal cease and desist letter to “Groovy Bot” in August, and it’s also the same reason why it shut down “Rythm bot” earlier this month. We’ll have to wait and see how this feature develops over time and whether other services will create similar integrations to watch movies together. Spotify already allows users to listen to the same track together at the same time.

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