This is how you unlock your smartphone with a tattoo (Video)

Smartphone security is a good idea, but it’s also a pain in the butt. So if you’re sick of swiping patterns and selecting security codes (and you’re into temporary body modification) Vivalnk and Motorola have just the thing for you.

The Vivalnk digital tattoo is a temporary wearable NFC tag coated with 3M adhesive that works with the Moto X’s Skip technology to allow you to unlock your smartphone without entering a passcode, swiping a pattern, or smiling for the camera. Just wake the Moto X’s screen and tap it to your wrist (or wherever you’ve stuck the digital tattoo), and you’re in!

How does it feel to wear one of these things, though? How concerned should you be about nickel and chromium allergies, and how much arm hair are you likely to lose when you finally have to swap one of these suckers out? Is the digital tattoo lifestyle one you’re ready for? Find out in our Vivalnk digital tattoo review video below – and if you’re a Moto X owner who just can’t live without a pack of these in your life, get your own right here.

Vivalnk Digital Tattoo review video

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