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Important differences will come between Samsung Galaxy S10 variants

By Samuel Martinez October 23, 2018, 12:49 pm
Galaxy S10 camera

Samsung is experimenting with new market approaches that will allow them to sell more smartphones. These new strategies include giving more flagship features to the mid-range Galaxy devices, and we have seen some of those already. Now they could also be presenting a more affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to increase sales.

We are definitely getting three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 next year. This may be to follow Apple with the introduction of a third, less expensive iPhone Xr to increase their sales. In any case, the entry variant won’t have all the great specs as the base model of the Galaxy S10. Apparently, the SM-G975x will only have one camera lens in its main shooter, 64GB of storage space and the least amount of RAM. The SM-G973x and SM-G975x would both come with at least 128GB of storage space and RAM options that may go from 4GB to 6GB like this year’s Galaxy S9. In any case, rumors will keep coming and we will soon get more details on the specs of these three upcoming devices.

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