Did Taimen eat Muskie? Google Pixel 2 XL may just be bigger than big

Behind the scenes at Google, work on the direct successor to the Pixel XL phone has been tossed aside in favor for a bigger device.

Sources to Android Police managing editor David Ruddock say that what we’ve been calling the Pixel 2 XL — internally given the fish-themed codename “muskie” — will not be released. Another device related to the second-generation Pixel, the thematically larger “taimen,” will be developed in its place. The phablet is expected to come alongside the standard Pixel 2 model, “walleye”.

The outlet has corroborated the information with other sources and is highly confident in the story. We’d still be somewhat skeptical about what this information means for the final result when it gets to commercialization — likely to be in the fourth quarter.

In the midst of this development, Google is also taking feedback into account of how it could better design the next Pixel phones. It’s also important to note that while we have covered evidence for the walleye and taimen devices being in development, we have not been track down any breadcrumb for the muskie.

So, a third potential Pixel release for the year has been quashed — a development indeed. As it stands, though, the name game is all null unless we’re able to start attaching specifications beyond the internals — if Google’s not putting in a Snapdragon 835 into a 2017 Android phone, consider that earth-shattering news.

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