DFT Team: WP7 on HTC HD2 Runs Well, Except The Cloud

The first video of Windows Phone 7 running on HTC HD2 was an effort from the DFT Team and those we brought later — both the initial capture and the five minute one — came from another source but the goal is the same.

Now, almost two months later, DFT Team announced they are able to run Windows Phone 7 on their HTC HD2 devices with things like “GSM, GPRS, Camera, GSensor, USB, SD, BT, WLAN, etc” working. What they didn’t manage to crack — and “no bypass ways are known” — is Microsoft’s Genuine Software check we posted about recently — which will basically disable all cloud based services like Zune, Marketplace and Xbox Live if the system can’t pull a valid key from the handset’s motherboard. While the cloud integration is an important feature and part of Windows Phone 7, without it working, “it’s mostly “Demo” of WP7″ as the DFT Team said it themselves. “It will be released soon, but don’t expect anything from it – without Live services it’s not really usable :-(“. Advantage Microsoft!

Source: Twitter

Thanks: saints5354

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