DFT Brings Custom SPL to HTC WP7 Phones: Custom ROMs Soon?

Dark Forces Team (DFT), a group of smartphone hackers heavily involved with HTC devices revealed in photos today a modified SPL that could potentially enable custom ROMs and the possibility of MAGLDR, which could mean deploying Android to the WP7 platform soon. DFT is known for releasing HardSPL and MAGLDR for a number of HTC Windows Mobile devices such as the HTC HD2 which allows the deployment of custom ROMs and alternative operating systems.

Pictured in the photos are the HTC 7 Mozart (PD67100), and HTC 7 Pro (PC92100), both running a custom SPL created by Cotulla. No word yet as to the progress or a possible release date, but with the device already running a custom SPL dubbed “RSPL”, a release announcement can’t be too far off. We’ll be keeping an eye on development progress and bring you any further details.

Source: Twitter (CotullaCode)

Thanks: stirkac

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