Deutsche Telekom ready to own Sprint and T-Mobile merger

After SoftBank reportedly confessed that it was willing to concede control of a theoretical combined company of Sprint and T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom may be willing to take its counterpart up on the offer, Handelsblatt reports from sources close to company Dortmund-based company’s management and board.

Informal talks between Sprint parent SoftBank and T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom have been taking place for the past several weeks after many signs that the two were ready to mingle again, now over Sprint’s failed takeover bid in 2013. Regulatory waters seemed to have calmed thanks to a pro-business Trump presidency and the two carriers are each in a stronger financial and consumer position than they were back then.

The word is that the deal would come in stocks, not cash. Sprint stocks wrapped trade at $8.14 yesterday, up 2.65 percent while T-Mobile essentially stayed flat at $63.98.

Each company has large hauls in spectrum licenses with T-Mobile routing the recent 600MHz auction while Sprint has been building 2.5GHz.

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