MWC 2014 is just over a week away, and its schedule has already been coming together to include announcements from some of mobile’s biggest brands. Companies like Nokia and Samsung are expected to show off some new hardware, but not everyone will be bringing along new gear; Motorola, for instance, sent out its own MWC invitations last week, but made it clear that instead of having any major hardware news, it would instead be talking about the business itself. Considering the new Lenovo ownership, there’s plenty that’s not completely clear, so this plan sounded just fine to us. As we wait for February 25 and Motorola’s MWC event, some early news of internal changes has come to light, concerning CEO Dennis Woodside’s role.

Woodside, you might recall, was a Google transplant, with the company installing him as CEO following its own purchase of Motorola. Rather than making his way back to Google or anything like that, Woodside will now become the first COO at Dropbox.

Reportedly, Dropbox is interested in Woodside for how he might help grow the brand internationally, pulling from his years managing global investments with Google. Specifically, he’ll be looking to drum-up business interest in Dropbox cloud services, with larger enterprise clients standing to bring in far more revenue than a flood of individual users.

Sure, knowing Woodside’s fate answers one of our Motorola-Lenovo-transition questions, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything else worth hearing about at MWC. Check back with us then to find out what else there is to know about the changes Motorola is going through.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: Engadget

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