Tim Cook firms denial of Apple MVNO ambitions

Apple isn’t a startup, but CEO Tim Cook took the time to share his thoughts with blooming entrepreneurs at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam today. Part of the talk was dedicated to shutting down rumors that pointed to the electronics titan would head into the wireless business once and for all.

At a talk hosted by former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, Cook furthered a previous denial about an Apple MVNO effort:

Our expertise doesn’t extend to the network. We’ve worked with AT&T in the US, O2 in the UK, as well as T-Mobile and Orange, and we expanded as we learned more. But generally, the things Apple likes to do, are things we can do globally. We don’t have the network skill. We’ll do some things along the way with e-SIMs along the way, but in general, I like the things carriers do.

The embedded SIMs that debuted with the iPad Pro may be the next evolution of the previous eSIMs on the iPhone. Both have drawn the ire of some carriers.

But it’s not like Apple can’t just acquire the knowledge and make time to grow another revenue tree for the company. Maybe it’s just not worth the effort to get backhaul installed and maintained.

Or maybe Apple just can’t stare down carriers, period.

Source: 9to5Mac

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