Bring these back while you’re at it, Microsoft.

The news that Windows 8 won’t be coming to existing handsets can’t be doing much to make owners of those phones feel like their handsets are still well-supported. Despite those misgivings, we’re at least seeing Tango distribution continue to spread, hitting the Lumia 710 and 800. While we expect Nokia to be on top updates for its models, today we get a little news that’s somewhat surprising, with the first reports of Tango arriving for Dell’s Venue Pro.

The DVP has never seemed able to catch a break, getting Mango late, facing problems with its WiFi connectivity, and having a broken digital compass which Dell never got around to fixing. A little earlier this year, we learned that Dell had officially pulled the plug on the handset, in the US at least. Considering all its been through, expectations for continued support have been understandably low; we would have thought that Tango for the DVP would be an afterthought, at best, but instead it’s arriving in-step with the big boys.

So far, the DVP’s Tango update has been reported by an owner of an unlocked handset in Germany; we’ve yet to get a sense of how widespread distribution may be at the moment, or what this means for users of the DVP in the States. And before you ask, no, this doesn’t appear to fix the compass.

Source: WMPoweruser

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