It seems like the Dell Venue pro has been taking quite a bashing lately, and sadly, that’s not about to stop now. Owners of the device have been noticing problems with the phone’s digital compass, and analysis of the phone’s system logs from a Mango update indicate something fishy going on with the compass driver file.

This problem popped up in an XDA-Discussions forum thread last week, where users who forced Zune to update their DVPs to Mango noticed the phone’s compass wasn’t behaving correctly. Further analysis showed that attempts to read the phone’s orientation consistently returned results of 100 degrees, regardless of how the DVP was actually facing. The update logs from the Mango installation point to a likely culprit: while updating the phone’s firmware, it appears that the file compassDrv.dll is deleted.

It might be too early to start freaking-out over the broken compass, as there’s a chance this issue is a direct result of the forced-install of Mango. WP7 firmware, including device-specific drivers, is installed separately from the OS update. What’s on Microsoft’s servers currently (DVP firmware 219) might not be what gets sent out when Mango is official for the DVP, and if there is a final firmware release, it could very well correct this problem. For now, we should probably just wait and see.

Source: XDA-Developers forum

Via: WPCentral

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