Dell Venue Pro Hits Microsoft 11/8, Dell 11/15, T-Mobile Never?

The highly-anticipated Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 for T-Mobile will only be sold through Microsoft and Dell sales channels, starting on November 8th and 15th, respectively, according to a screenshot published by TmoNews. Dell already sells a number of cellphones through its online store — including its own offerings like the Streak and Aero plus models from other manufacturers — but this would seem to be the first time Microsoft has sold handsets directly, if this information is indeed genuine. No price was visible on the purported internal screen grab, although with every other WP7 launch device going for $199.99 on contract, we can’t imagine that it will vary all that much.

We’re somewhat skeptical that the Venue Pro is actually going on sale as soon as tomorrow, considering that there’s been absolutely no reports to support that so far. Plus, with no marketing or pre-launch hype being drummed up yet, this would be a pretty low-key way to begin selling such a hot product. However, Microsoft’s own WP7 promo site claims that the DVP will be sold exclusively by Dell, so perhaps Round Rock is indeed going the Nexus One sales route with this one.

With its 4.1-inch Gorilla Glass AMOLED display and unique vertical sliding QWERTY design, the Venue Pro quickly become the most talked-about model of this first batch of devices — even more so because it has generally been unavailable for reviews or extended hands-ons outside a few tightly-controlled environments. Dell is also said to have an Android-powered doppelganger to this model in the works, a QWERTY-less slate possible known as Thunder that may have passed through the FCC recently going simply by “Venue.”

Source: TmoNews

Image: SizzledCore

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