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Dell Venue 8 vs Dell Venue 8 Pro (Video)

By Adam Z. Lein October 2, 2013, 8:12 pm

Two of Dell’s newly announced tablets happen to be very similar; the Venue 8 and the Venue 8 Pro. These are both 8 inch tablets optimized for portrait orientation usage, but the biggest difference is that the Venue 8 is running Android 4.2 while the Venue 8 Pro is running the full Windows 8.1. Both have 1280 x 800 displays and 2GB of RAM, but the Android version has an Intel Clover Trail Plus Atom SoC while the Venue 8 Pro has an Intel Bay Trail Atom processor. Another big difference is the price. The Android tablet is about $180 while the Windows 8.1 tablet is about $300. The Venue 8 Pro seems to have better hardware as well. It’s slightly thinner and lighter than the Venue 8. It feels sturdier, too.

That extra $120 gets you slightly better hardware, active digitizer stylus support, and a Windows 8.1 license which allows you to run all sorts of powerful professional grade programs that have been in development for decades.  On the other hand, the Android version gives you access to many Android apps.  Luckily, Dell allows you to choose the platform that suits your needs the most accurately and both models are quite attractive.

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