Here’s something interesting to speculate about: Dell has just received certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance for a “mobile internet device” with model number M02M, just one digit away from the five-inch, Android-powered Streak tabphone (pictured above). While we first thought that this model might be another Streak variant, it seems that Dell maintains the M01M model number for units with different band compatibility — as it did when a T-Mobile AWS-compliant variation passed the FCC following the commercially-available, AT&T-friendly version. Perhaps more tellingly, the M02M device supports the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard — which the current Streak does not. Combined with the fact that an M02M has yet to pass Bluetooth testing — but M01M has — we suspect that this will be a completely different product.

We see two candidates for M02M: the rumored Opus One, a supposed dual-core followup to the Streak with an alleged 1280 x 800-ish resolution, reportedly revealed at an official company presentation. Secondly, it’s possible that this is the seven-inch Looking Glass tipped by Engadget way back in April; that device, however, was said to be coming in November, and the rumored spec sheet already contains quite a few outdated features (save for Bluetooth 3.0+ EDR, still a rarity).

The existing Streak, currently enjoying a gradual Froyo rollout, boasts a five-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, dual cameras, and 512MB ROM / 512MB RAM / 2GB embedded microSD. Dell customers seem to be pretty happy with the model, giving it an average of four out of five stars over 154 reviews.

Update: StreakSmart just discovered mention of a seven-inch Streak on case manufacturer Vaja’s web site, possibly suggesting an imminent launch, which would make it a good candidate for M02M.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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