Dell No Longer Offers The Venue Pro On Contract, Only Unlocked

When you bought a Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone in the past from Dell, you had the opportunity of choosing the phone with a two-year contract on T-Mobile, AT&T or get the phone unlocked. Things have changed a little bit recently.

If you head over to Dell by following the source link you’ll see that there is no carrier mention anymore. You can only purchase unlocked phones (of course, with the mention that you can choose the device with either AT&T or T-Mobile band support). This could mean several things! First of all, it can mean that Dell has exited the Windows Phone game as we were afraid it will when we saw it missing the Mango partner list. This would force carriers to no longer offer the phone in their line-up, which is plausible.

It could also mean that they are actively preparing the Venue Pros for Mango, installing the updates for whenever Microsoft makes the announcement after schooling us in seasons (it will be here this autumn). We might see the carrier references pop back on the page. Which one of the theories are you inclined to believe?

Source: Dell

Via: WPCentral

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